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Visitors' Comments & Community Feedback


“A BIG thank you for the hard work everybody puts in at the school. Our children love being at school and it's a clearly a very happy place for them. Keep up the awesome work.” Feedback from Parent Survey, March 2023


“This is a great school and very responsible, kind staff. Children are delighted” Feedback from Parent Survey, March 2023


“The personal care our child receives is outstanding. He is comforted at the right level and I know he is safe and happy in the school environment.”      Feedback from Parent Survey, March 2023


"I would like to just say a very sincere Thank You for the attendance of the children at the War Memorial  today.  They behaved impeccably and genuinely enhanced our worship.  Every little cross was planted with care and dignity and despite the chill no-one fussed or fidgeted.

At the end of the Service I talked to several of them and they easily engaged in conversation about the World Wars whilst  several told me of their own relatives involvement, they were so adult and yet so touching in their desire to show their pride in their forbears.

You and the staff are obviously doing a great job and I do hope you will tell them how much I, and all the congregation, appreciated their involvement."    Rev. June Lane, 11th November 2022


"We were thoroughly impressed with all the children, the behaviour throughout, the orderly fashion they displayed and their general responsiveness to the assembly and tasks, and that's testament to the great leadership they all have from all the Ludwell staff. We were especially amazed given the term is only 2 weeks in so far!!! " Katie, (Year 4 and Year R Parent) September 2022 Following Celebration Assembly


'The children are engaged and curious and they asked intelligent questions.  It is interesting how the girls in particular are forward and confident.  I wish I'd gone to a primary school like this!' Dr Andrew Murrison, MP


'What a wonderful treat it was for the Happy Gathering Group to be entertained by such a well behaved group of children who sang to us so beautifully.  We all thoroughly enjoyed the performance.'  Secretary of Happy Gathering Group


'I want to thank you and our colleagues for giving me the privilege every week of being a member of your community.  I have always admired from afar the work of teachers but my time with you has turned me into a fervent admirer of the dedication and love all you fine people put into your profession.'  Reading volunteer


'Thank you for all your hard work and for the wonderful atmosphere you create at Ludwell.' Year 4 parent


"The Grandparents Day was a splendid idea...Many thanks for the coffee/cake and the warm welcome."  Mrs J Elson- Grandparent of Year 2 child