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Admissions for children starting in Reception

As Ludwell Primary School is an academy (part of Pickwick Academy Trust), admissions for 2024/25 will be managed by Ludwell Primary School and not Wiltshire County Council. However, applications should still be sent through to Wiltshire County Council Admissions Department as usual.

Our Planned Admission Number (PAN) to Reception is 15 children.

Please apply online for children starting in Reception by clicking the following link:

Wiltshire Council Online Schools Admissions:

Relocation, Transfers or Moving Schools

If you are relocating or looking to transfer or move schools and wish to consider Ludwell, please download the  Admissions to a Primary School Application Form, complete and return to the Schools Admissions Team (address and contact details on form). 

If you would like to visit our school for a tour, our Headteacher would be delighted to show you and your child/ren around Ludwell. Please call our office to arrange an appointment on: 01747 828519, or e-mail:

We look forward to welcoming you to Ludwell Primary School.