Being a Historian Curriculum Intent


At Ludwell, we want our children to discover meaningful links and connections, past and present, to our locality and the wider world. . We want our children to have a good understanding of local and wider historically significant events, knowledge of sources and how to find out about the past and a developed sense of chronology, drawing meaning by making connections to the present day. In addition, our curriculum aims to develop independence in learning.  As historians, this is no exception.  In addition to key substantive historical knowledge, we want our young historians to be resourceful and reflective in their approach;  understanding how to find out about the past, analyze and evaluate different sources of evidence and draw meaningful connections to how history impacts on our lives today. 


The ‘key question/challenge at the beginning of our enquiry work promotes deeper thinking and often acts as the catalyst to independent enquiry work. Key history milestones are carefully sequenced to drive each enquiry with a historical focus.  They are carefully considered to ensure clear development and understanding of the subject area, build knowledge and enable them to begin formulating their own opinions, ultimately developing a response to the posed question or challenge set. 



Lead Historian
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