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Our Ludwell Leaflet 

Mrs Collins writes on behalf of the school team regularly with the aim to keep you up to date with school life.  Important dates for your diary are also included as well as information about our curriculum.

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 07 July 2023 Ludwell Leaflet.pdfDownload
 21st July 2023 Ludwell Leaflet.pdfDownload
 26th May 2023 Ludwell Leaflet.pdfDownload
 31st March 2023 Ludwell Leaflet.pdfDownload
 3rd March 2023 Ludwell Leaflet.pdfDownload
 October 2022 Ludwell Leaflet.pdfDownload
 16th September 2022 Newsletter.pdfDownload
 30th September 2022 Newsletter.pdfDownload
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 21st July 2022 Newsletter.pdfDownload
 8th July 2022 Newsletter.pdfDownload
 24th June 2022 Newsletter.pdfDownload
 27th May Newsletter.pdfDownload
 6th May Newsletter.pdfDownload
 8th April Newsletter End of Term.pdfDownload
 25th March Newsletter.pdfDownload
 19th February 2022 Newsletter.pdfDownload
 28th January Newsletter.pdfDownload
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Pickwick Papers

James Passmore, PAT CEO writes regularly to keep you up to date with news and priorities from across the Trust.

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