Singing and Instruments

Children can chose from a myriad of instruments at Ludwell.  Music is part of everyday life at Ludwell be it singing in our assemblies in the morning or joining an instrumental group. None of this would happen without the infectious enthusiasm and passion of the children for singing and the wonderful bank of peripatetic music teachers who work with us at Ludwell.

Hanford School-Singing and Instruments

Learning an Instrument

Ludwell has a wide range of instruments on offer to the budding musician and we can usually find a teacher to cater for more unusual options.  It is therefore unsurprising we have a flourishing bank of young musicians. Our specialist visiting music teacher, Mrs Claudia Banks, ably leads our music provision and ensures that music at Ludwell is fun and engaging from Reception all the way up to our Year 6 children. Children are encouraged to try an instrument during taster sessions. Almost all children who do this find it so enjoyable that they go on to take up music lessons on a regular basis. We currently offer the following instruments:

Piano, guitar, flute, violin, recorder, drums, percussion and voice