Gideon King

Co-opted Governor May 2018 – May 2022

Link Responsibilities: Safeguarding

SIAP Monitoring Area: Outcomes for pupils

Committees & Panels: Finance, Teaching & Learning, Teacher Pay

Link: Data, Topic

I became a science teacher in 2005, working in several secondary schools in Dorset and as the Head of Sixth Form from 2013. During this time I have been fortunate enough to be able to interweave into my teaching career numerous opportunities to inspire, excite and educate young people about the world. I believe schools have a duty to support young people in making the best academic progress they can whilst also providing opportunities for learning and development that extends beyond the curriculum. Through organising dozens of local, national and international trips, leading a department in science and championing sustainability in schools I have made a sustained and significant contribution to the holistic education of young people, broadening their opportunities. I love my work with young people at the other end of the school system, providing pastoral and academic support as they make their transition into adulthood. I hope that in my role as a governor I am able to bring some of my experience to bear in to the benefit of the school and its community.

I live with my young family in Shaftesbury, and my three children are embarking on their journey through the school. We enjoy the outdoors – kayaking, running, cycling, our allotment and campfires and walks in the woods. I look forward to supporting Ludwell Community Primary School and seeing it thrive in the years ahead.