Parents' Forum

We have two very active and involved Parent Forum Groups.

Our general Parents' Forum enables the school to discuss any ideas we have to enhance the education experience of all children at Ludwell and meets on the last Thursday of every month.

We also have a Parents' Forum dedicated to enrichment (including school trips, visitors and extra- curricular clubs) and homework. This group meets on the first Thursday of every month.

The current Parent Forum Members are as follows:

General Forum

Mrs Score, Ms Brennan, Mrs Burt & Mrs Fitzpatrick

Homework and Enrichment

Mrs Lines, Dr Riggins, Mrs Barker & Mrs Long


Please do speak to your parent representatives with any ideas or queries you may have so that they are able to raise them at our meetings. Your views - and working in partnership with you- are important to us. Of course, these groups in no way replace individual parent appointments so, if you wish to discuss a matter specific to your child, please make an appointment with the school office to speak with your child's class teacher.