Charity Committee

This year our Charity Committee is:

Martha, Olivia, Charley, Val & Lola

We are raising money for ShelterBox

Every family deserves a place to call home after disaster. 

Shelter Box works with disaster-affected communities to provide emergency shelter, essential items and training needed to support families in the long process of rebuilding their lives. 

Every disaster is different so they have a flexible approach. They listen and learn from the communities they work with to make sure they provide the right support.  

They often go further, working with hard to reach communities who are overlooked by others.  

Before a disaster happens, they make sure they are ready to help. They store aid in strategic locations around the world so they can get it to the families who need it as quickly as possible.  

They work with trusted local partners and we have a network of incredible volunteers who are ready to help at a moment’s notice.  

Their teams can travel by foot, boat, helicopter or tuk-tuk to get to the families who need support - whatever it takes to get to the people who need them.