Mathematics is a beautiful, open, creative, and multi-dimensional subject. But school mathematics is often uninspiring, procedural and one-dimensional – it is all about memorizing methods and procedures. The narrowness of the mathematics taught in schools is one of the reasons so many students disengage from mathematics. One-dimensional mathematics is not the mathematics of the world and it is not the mathematics of our 21st century workplace.' Jo Boaler

Maths at Ludwell Primary School aims to establish confidence and engagement with the subject at every ability level and gives access to multi-dimensional mathematics. We work our way through the concrete, pictorial and abstract processes, ensuring to allow children the opportunity to use apparatus and create their own interpretations to aid their mathematical understanding. Through these methods, precise thinking is produced. Using creativity, openness, visualization and flexibility to bring the subject alive for pupils, It is vital that learning is related to real life situations to so the children see the fundamental importance of mathematical learning. We aim to develop mathematical thinking in an enjoyable way in order to prepare them for their adult, numerate life.

We believe that everyone can do well in maths and we apply a growth mindset approach to promote learning and improvement for all in this fascinating subject. We enable all children to reach their full potential in maths by offering inspiring lessons that teach fluency, reasoning and problem solving. Further to this, the children receive one to one support, small group work and booster groups for all ranges of abilities to ensure everyone is challenged at an appropriate level.

Ruby has been using a range of concrete apparatus to help her solve some tricky negative number problems. We have been using our maths help trays to find appropriate resources.

Please see the new list for mathematical vocabulary to fit the new national curriculum.

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