The development of children’s oral language is vitally important. We give children plenty of opportunity for commenting, expressing a point of view and explaining, as well as learning how to speak appropriately in different situations.


We encourage children to listen quietly for an increasing amount of time so that, gradually, they can develop their ability to evaluate stories, to recall details and to listen to and carry out instructions.


At Ludwell, we teach synthetic phonics following 'Letters and Sounds'. We ensure that the sessions are pacey and interactive using games as an opportunity for the children to apply the knowledge that they have learnt.

We aim to develop in children a desire to read and a love of reading. In Key Stage 1, we use a more structured approach to the teaching of reading by the use of a variety of reading schemes. This structure continues into KS2 with the aim being for all the children by Y5 to be making free (but informed) choices about their independent reading books. 

All children have regular library sessions in our dedicated library. 

Group reading is taught daily throughout the school and regular assessments of reading ensure the text is at the children’s instructional (unable to access alone) level of reading. Follow up activities support the group reading session and extend the children’s understanding. Shared language in the teaching of comprehension across the school ensures consistency of approach and equips our children well for the rigours of secondary education as they move up through the school.



We teach vocabulary discretely and also as part of the wider writing curriculum. 

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