School Council

We are a Rights Respecting School

Children have the right to have a say in things that concern them and to have their views taken seriously. 

               Article 12

Our School Council for this year are:


                      Robin Class: Frankie- Mae and Loa

                      Owl Class- Darcie and Alex

                      Kite Class- Ashton and Thomas


Our aim:

                       To make sure that every child has a say in what we do and how we can improve our school.

The School Council meet every two weeks so if you have any ideas that you would like to share, Remember to tell the School Council representative in your class or put your idea in the suggestion box.   



The School Council has been instrumental in the changes our school has made at lunchtimes, after listening to the views of the children in their class.


To enable them to get out of the hall earlier (and therefore have a longer playtime) they put forward several ideas, lots of which were tried out and taken on. These were:

  • to have two lunchtime supervisors serving the food instead of one
  • to have a one-way system of collecting their cutlery, food and for taking dirty plates up 
  • and to be able to get to the scraping table from both sides to eliminate the queue 


The School Council also helped to talk to the children about what they would like to see in the outside area at school. As a result of the work of the school council, we were able to understand what the children would like to play with outside and how to improve lunch times and break times. The result is a gorgeous new outside area including a new trim trail, swings, a Forest School area, construction activities, a running track, water play and new football goals. Well done to the school council for moving this project along and thank you to all the children for helping to design our outside area. We all love it!