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If we think it is necessary, you will be called to collect your child. If your child has a bump to the head or sustains an injury at school they will come home with an injury/treatment form.


Like most schools, we keep a register of children whose parents are interested in them taking up a place at our school. Putting your child’s name onto this register does not guarantee you a place at our school; it is merely an indication about possible demand for places and enables us to ensure that we have sufficient resources to provide a balanced curriculum.   Pre- Admission form follow:  pre Admission form At the start of the year during which your child is to start school Wiltshire or Dorset County Council will send you a letter asking you to state, in order of preference, the school/schools you would like your child to attend. It is the Local Authority Admissions Team and not the school that allocates places. If a parent does not get the school of their choice, they have the right to appeal to Wiltshire County Council.  For our Admissions Policy please click here:  Admissions policy 2014

Admissions – In Year

If you would like to enquire about a place for a child in-year, please complete the attached form and return it to the school.

After School Club/Breakfast Club

If you would like to book your child into either breakfast or after school club, please speak to Mrs Williams in the school office on 01747 828519.


Please inform us of any allergies/asthma your child has already or develops later. Please ensure we have inhalers and chambers that can be kept in school and it is parent’s responsibility to check that they are in date.


If your child needs to see the doctor, dentist, etc. we ask that, wherever possible, you make appointments outside of school time. When this is not possible, we should be notified in advance of the appointment and provided with a letter/appointment card to confirm the time and date of the appointment. If this is not provided, your child's absence will be marked as unauthorised. 


Teachers are continually assessing children’s progress so that they are sure of delivering the curriculum in a way that is most appropriate to each child’s needs. In addition, the school has devised its own testing to support the teacher. This is incorporated into our normal lessons and the children may be unaware that this work is any different from the norm. At the end of each Key Stage the children are required to undergo Standard Assessment Tasks (SATs). We will endeavour to make this as stress free as we are able. Parents are notified of levels achieved by their child after the formal SATs testing in years two and six.



Our school attendance target is 97%.  If we have not been informed as to why your child is not in school, you will receive a text/phone call from the office to find out why your child is not in school.

We ask that parents call 01747 828519 and either leave a message or speak with one of the staff in the office before 9am if your child is absent from school.

If attendance becomes a concern, you will be asked to make an appointment to come and see Mrs White.

The school keeps daily attendance records, each half-day denoting one period of attendance. Copies of these records are sent annually to Wiltshire County Council Children & Young People’s Directorate and to the Department of Education and Employment. When a child is absent, please telephone or e-mail the school to report the reason for the absence, If for any reason this is not possible, a note of explanation is required on his/her return to school. If an absence is likely to be lengthy, early notification would be appreciated.  An Attendance Officer visits the school regularly to inspect our registers.  Any child with less than 85% attendance is liable to be sent a letter or be notified of a visit.  See Attendance Statement 2018



Ludwell Book Bag- no rucksacks until Year 6. This is brought to school and back home again and will contain your child's reading book, their reading record and any letters the school send home regarding school events. Please check your child's book bag every evening. 

A PE bag (stays at school) and will contain a Ludwell PE shirt, plain navy shorts, plain navy tracksuit bottoms, plain white sports socks, trainers and games socks in your child's house colour.

An outdoor clothing bag containing the following: plain navy tracksuit bottoms and top (large enough to go over school uniform), waterproof trousers (optional) and wellies/trainers to wear on the field. Please note: we use the field all year round and we go out to play even if it is raining. 


Children at Ludwell Primary School are encouraged to manage their own behaviour with the aid of the staff and our school behaviour policy. We have high expectations of behaviour and will follow class rules which we agree at the beginning of the year with the children. If we have concerns about your child’s behaviour, we will talk to you and work together on this. You can view our school's behaviour managment policy here.



Bicycles and scooters are brought to school entirely at your own risk. School cannot be responsible for them. Please bear in mind that there is limited space for bicycles and that children without cycling proficiency certificates should always be accompanied by an adult. We do advise you to lock bikes.



At Ludwell, we regard bullying as a deliberate act, which results from a conscious desire to hurt, threaten or frighten someone. The staff has agreed on and the school adheres to our anti-bullying policy.  Anti Bullying Policy


A list of clubs is produced at the start of each term. You will be notified via the school newsletter or a letter home. Please pay for your child's attendance at clubs in a timely manner. Thank you. 


We go outside in ALL weathers so children must always have a suitable coat at school (warm in Winter and shower- proof in Summer!)

Please provide a sun hat for hot weather.


You will have an opportunity to discuss your child’s learning in October and March on a formal basis. A full, written school report will be sent home in January and a Summer Attainment Profile in July for all classes.  


We have a kitchen and make as many opportunities as we can for children to cook in school. You may be asked to make a voluntary contribution to the cost of ingredients. 


If you wish to contact the school or the Head Teacher by email, please use the following address


Only plain gold or silver stud earrings are allowed to be worn.  If your child wears any other type of earrings, they will be asked to remove them,.


Please ensure that you let us know if your contact details change so that we can always contact the specified person(s). It is very important that we have up to date contact details for you in case of an emergency.